Compliments from our Clients

Every event, each client and collaboration is personal to me. I love creating magic and memories with you. Thank you for placing your trust in me, for drawing me into your story and of course for these beautiful words.

“With Inspired Elegance quietly at the helm guiding your day and the very grandest and most minute decisions being carefully considered and graciously dealt with…you can have away that is truly happy and is yours to bask in the enjoyment with all those most dear to you! Sheila, you were the best person for the job. I would work with you a thousand times again and again.”

Danielle & Jared, September 2018

”I would highly recommend Sheila and Inspired Elegance Events. I would describe myself as a very organized person; however, it became clear to me that I could not execute everything I wanted for my wedding day and still be the bride at the same time! Sheila is professional as well as personable, and can be trusted to make sure the biggest day of your life is a success.”

Laura & Benjamin, August 2018

“Having Sheila as our wedding coordinator meant that we could sit back and truly enjoy our wedding. We had an intimate wedding and we didn’t want to put our family to work on our special day. They were all able to relax and take in every moment. There were so many little details that Sheila made sure were ironed out prior to our day. These were details that I would never have thought of without Sheila’s experience and knowledge on my side, but they were important in making our wedding truly magical. I would recommend that everyone have a coordinator, no matter how big or small the wedding! I can’t express enough what her support meant. It made wedding planning more relaxed and enjoyable, and I had full confidence that my day would go perfectly. Sheila truly had our backs, and you won’t find another coordinator who loves weddings as much as she does. Thank you so much Sheila, we will never forget our beautiful wedding day.”

Chloe and Ian, September 2018

“I interviewed a couple of event planners before hiring Sheila to help me plan our August 2018 wedding.  She is a very warm and approachable person. She had lots of ideas in helping me make my vision of our wedding a reality. She worked well with all of the vendors and I know they enjoyed working with her. I would recommend Inspired Elegance Events to anyone looking to hire an event planner. She was professional, extremely organized and always paid attention to the details.  Thank you again Sheila for making our wedding day so incredible.” 

Susan and Terry, August 2018

 “Our wedding was a dream come true – and it couldn’t have gone as smoothly as it did without Sheila’s help! Sheila’s personality is so kind, calming, and enthusiastic that we felt beyond comfortable when discussing our “month-of” wedding plans with her. It was great to have someone who is so experienced with wedding planning, as we both weren’t sure if we had covered everything we needed. Sheila was always organized, on top of everything, and double checking all of the fine details so that when it came to the big day, we didn’t have to lift a finger. Sheila, thank you for being such a wonderful person and for making sure that our special day was everything and more than we every imagined. We highly recommend hiring Sheila – you won’t regret it!”

Marta & Alex, August 2018

“We hired Sheila as a month-of wedding co-ordinator and, believe me, it was the most valuable purchase we made for our whole wedding. When Jessie first mentioned hiring a “month-of” or “day-of” coordinator, I’ll admit I discouraged the idea: “We’ve basically done all of our planning!  We’ll be fine managing by ourselves. As it turns out, I was VERY wrong.  For starters, neither of us would have known the simplest things such as when and how to walk out, where to stand, or what our friend the officiant legally needed to say.  Furthermore, we would have been completely out of our element coordinating multiple vendors for an event as large as our wedding.   For these reasons alone, Sheila was invaluable from an organizational standpoint.

Sheila, however, went above and beyond on almost every occasion.  If an issue came up with the venue, Sheila was immediately advocating for us.  If a problem or barrier arose, Sheila would immediately propose a thoughtful and creative solution. The month-of wedding coordinator was a great way for us to have fun with the easy parts of planning (picking a venue or picking the band) and then not stress about the hard parts (logistics and last-minute issues). Having Sheila on our team truly minimized our stress levels and allowed us to really enjoy our wedding day.”

Alastair & Jessie, July 2018

“It was a blessing that we met Sheila during our wedding planning. My husband (then fiance) and I  thought we would be fine doing everything on our own, but boy were we wrong. We were so lucky to have Sheila do the month-of coordination for our wedding. Her expertise and professionalism put us at ease prior to our big day. Sheila was able to juggle everything so smoothly during our wedding - from coordinating our wedding party and overseas guests, queuing live musical performances during our reception, organizing  exit sparklers and fireworks, and up to packing all our stuff after the reception, Sheila had planned for and anticipated it all! Words are not enough to express how essential Sheila was in making our day so beautiful and memorable. Thank you Sheila and team for all your help and for delightfully exceeding our expectations. It was so great woking with you. To those who are planning a wedding and still thinking about getting a planner - we highly recommend Inspired Elegance Events! You will not be disappointed!”

Liane and Jaydee, May 2018

Sheila, thanks again for everything this weekend and this past month.  You really went above and beyond on all fronts.  This weekend has been a whirlwind but I couldn't be happier.  I didn't imagine it would be this special or mean this much.  Thank you for being part of our special day and making everything go so smoothly."

Jenny and Blake, January 2018

"Stephane and I just wanted to send you a little note of appreciation for everything that you've done for us.  We truly had the most amazing and special day and a big part of that was because of you. You were always so professional, organized, kind and so much fun to work with. I never had to worry or stress about anything because you were always on top of everything.  With our hectic schedules you made the process of planning a wedding so enjoyable, and what I really appreciated was that you ensured our voices were heard and that our visions could come to life.  You really understand weddings and the wedding industry but what makes you so special is that you truly are a kind and beautiful person; we saw that the moment we met you. We couldn't have been happier and more thankful for everything you did (and everything you did behind the scenes). Our day was perfect. Thank you so much!"

Jocelyn and Stephane, December 2017 


"Sheila, thank you so much for everything you did for Marlo and I. We don't think it would have went as well as it did without you. Thank you for taking as much of the stress out of the whole day from both of us. You were very welcoming during our initial meeting and we never regretted making you our coordinator! You were super organized and calm throughout the whole process which helped us a lot. You always had answers to any questions we had and always had a smile on your face. All our friends and family also mentioned how nice you were to them. We were very happy with your services and we think any couple would be lucky to have you as their coordinator!"

Avegail and Marlo, October 2017 

"Sheila was an absolute pleasure to work with.  As soon as we met, it became evident that she had the experience and poise to execute all of our wedding plans perfectly.  In the month leading up to our wedding, Sheila was a calm and steady force, taking care of all the little hiccups while keeping us in the loop with enough details so we knew things were going great!  Sheila  was always cheerful and lighthearted while proactively taking the lead in many aspects, especially the rehearsal and wedding days.  Thank you for all that you have done for us!"

Allison and Kevin, July 2017 

"Sheila was the coordinator we selected for our son’s wedding at the Fort Garry Hotel. She was invaluable in planning almost every part of the wedding from the space, menu (food, drinks, hors d’oeuvres, late night snack), décor (flowers, chairs and linens) and ceremony protocol. Sheila was there for the rehearsal and for the wedding, ensuring everything went exactly as planned. She took the stress out of our event and allowed us to enjoy a very special evening with our son and his bride. I fully recommend her services.”

Robert and Ana, Parents of the Groom, August 2016 

“Sheila provided Month-Of Coordination for our wedding in February 2015.  She was recommended by a work contact and they were so impressed with her that we contacted her as well.  She went above and beyond in the planning and execution of our special day (even going so far as obtaining a new shirt after the groom managed to spill wine on his before the toasts).  If there were any issues we never heard about them, as she was able to coordinate with everyone involved in the day (bridal party, caterer, family and the baker) and it went off without a hitch.  She's a lifesaver and kept us calm so we were able to enjoy every minute.”  

Dean & Courtenay, February 2015 

“Sheila did an amazing job helping me plan my husband’s 30th birthday – James Bond style.  She was very resourceful and had wonderful recommendations when it came to vendors.  She was a pleasure to work with.”

Elena, June 2015


“When Mike and I decided to be married in Winnipeg, I have to admit I was terrified. I had only been to Manitoba a couple of times, knew very little of the area, and we had no idea what type of experience we wanted to have for ourselves and our guests. Neither of us grew up fantasizing of a dream wedding. So, we had a blank canvas to paint. We met Sheila over the telephone, and as I recall, we talked on the phone for about an hour. We had so many questions and I think she took pity on us. Her services were the beginning of the best customer service experience I've ever had in my life.

Our biggest concerns were finding quality vendors, establishing a style that represented both of our personalities, and coordinating the appropriate timing of events so the day was a seamless experience. Of course there were budget and other concerns too, but that worked out with a little juggling here and there.

Since we didn't have dream weddings to describe, Sheila encouraged us to look through local magazines and look for pictures on the internet to find things we liked such as flowers, tuxedos, cakes, etc. We couldn't work in-person with each other, so she created a Pinterest board for us to share ideas with each other. For Mike and me, this became our virtual inspiration board. This was genius on her part. We confirmed color schemes, styles, flowers...really almost everything via the inspiration board. The wedding day was about Mike and me. Once she knew the things we liked, she was able to find the best vendors in Winnipeg to offer us exactly what we wanted within our budget.

Organization, organization, and more organization. That's what the rest of this testimonial is about. Sheila is a busy, professional woman and a mother of two girls, yet she always made time for us. Mike and I live in Arizona, so we had time zone challenges and work schedules to coordinate in order to communicate effectively with Sheila. Messages and emails were always addressed quickly and professionally. When the wedding day finally arrived, Sheila was 100% present and accountable for every aspect of the day. She had outlined every detail on a spreadsheet and timeline. All of the (fabulous) vendors had been confirmed and were ready to go. No wedding day goes 100% perfectly, but Mike and I were so confident in all the preparation and organization that Sheila coordinated, we trusted that the day would be as close to perfect as humanly possible — and it was!

We can't possibly summarize all of the wonderful small details that Sheila took care of for us to make our wedding so special. She found a hairstylist to come to the hotel and style hair for my mother and sister. She coordinated travel for 100 mini bottles of maple syrup from a farm in Ontario to Winnipeg via a Greyhound bus because it would save us $2.50 per bottle. She stood up for us when a photographer declined photographing our wedding because we are gay and found a replacement photographer in the blink of an eye. She coordinated a meeting via Skype with the florist so we could mock up a sample of the table arrangements. She stayed calm, kept us calm, and walked us through every detail of the planning process. Her creativity and energy seem endless. She shared ideas with us, but always let us make our own decisions so that the day represented us. I was wrong earlier when I said a wedding day couldn't go 100% perfectly. Mine did and Mike and I have Sheila to thank for it.”

John and Mike, September 2014


“I’m not sure what we would have done without Sheila.  We hired her on her month of coordination package.  She kept in contact with all my vendors and made sure everything was still on track.  She also had great contacts, which helped me find a printer for my table chart, table numbers and drink menu.  She completely took control of our rehearsal and had the ceremony organized.  She made sure that myself and my now husband did not have to worry about anything if not going as planned.  My day was easy breezy with zero stress and I can say Sheila had a lot to do with that!  I would recommend her to every bride who wants a stress free day.”

Natalie & Matthew, October 2014 

Photos Courtesy of BLF Studios|Tony, Casey Nolin Photography, Charmaine Mallari, Stephanie Hodgson Photography, Erwin Crescini Photography